Street Art Vs Vandalism

street art londonStreet art is one of the most inspiring and unique art forms of all time.

A lot of tourists and art fans from all over the world come to London to see the street art. The art lovers don’t care how far they have to travel or how much money they have to spend just to see the street art in front of them. They make their best efforts to visit London and take street art London tours. However, some nascent people mix street art with vandalism.

However, there is a huge difference between street art and vandalism which these people need to understand. Vandalism greatly differs from street art because this is art that enhances the public, whereas vandalism is defacing property.

street artVandalism, dirty little poems or traditional gang territory marking has nothing to do with the street art. Unlike vandalism, street art amuse, inspire and amaze people. Street art isn’t just done on any random wall in the city but the artists first ask for permission that they can paint a particular wall. After getting the permission these artists visit the site and start their work.

While the vandalism is dirty, ugly, annoying and abusive, London street art is beautiful and thought provoking. The street artists are definitely the ones deserving praise and recognition because what they are doing is anything but vandalism. There should probably be more awareness made among the masses in order to make them realise the difference between street art and vandalism.


Stolen Banksy Work

Stolen Banksy ArtworkIt was shocking news to everyone that the Banksy work presented in the Miami auction was basically stolen from a London wall. Banksy and his street art are famous in not only in the UK but the entire world for being creative and thought provoking. It was hard for everyone to believe how a wall painting can be stolen and presented in an auction.

Banksy is famous as a street artist but holds a very mysterious personality. The artist doesn’t meet with a lot of people nor does he express what he feels about the world arts. Banksy’s graffiti art is appreciated throughout the UK and a lot of his work can be seen during the street art London tours. When his artwork disappeared from outside a discount store in London, not many people noticed it but it caught everyone’s attention when the art showed up in the auction.

The wall art in discussion is named ‘Slave Labour (Bunting Boy)’ and was created last year Banksy stolen artworkby Banksy. The town council in Haringey was the spot where the art was placed originally but removed by somebody unknown last week. The town council has demanded that they want the piece returned as soon as possible. The Haringey Council also told the press that the community feels that Banksy’s artwork was given free to it and was supposed to be kept in Haringey and not for sale in an auction.

The artwork can be sold out for anywhere between $500,000 and $700,000 but only if no one manages to prove that the work is stolen from the London wall. There hasn’t been any word come out from Banksy himself and everyone is anticipating to know what happens next.

How to Create 3D Street Art in London

3D art

The favourite tools of Street Artists in London tend to be spray paint, chalk or markers. Spray Paint is preferred by many street artists as it is quick and easy to do, especially with the help of a stencil. Many street artists add light and shade to their work to make it look 3D.

When creating 3D art work the first thing you need to do is find an area with minimal traffic so it will be easier to complete your art work quickly. When creating the art work consider the view point and make sure it can be seen by as many people as possible.

The first thing you need to do is create the outline of the art work, for example if you are drawing a fish tank then draw the tank. Then add the details such as the fish in the tank and plants in the tank.

Now you can start adding the colouring to the artwork, you may choose to blend in the colours with your hand or even wear a glove to help with the blending. It may be wise to start with mid-tone colours and then work in the darkness and light on top.

It is important that you determine where the light is coming onto your picture to make it 3D in appearance, adding shading to your artwork will help create depth to the artwork and using the same colour in different shades will show as shadow and light.

If you are looking for inspiration in your art work why not book yourself on to a Street Art London Tour, where you can see the very best art work in London.

Stik and Thierry Noir Together For First Time on London Wall

street art

London is flooded with street art and provides a great entertainment for not only residents but also for the visitors. To get to know the details and to view the creative work of the artists you must take the Street Art London Tours and be amazed by the ingenuity that the artists have to share. One of the common street arts you may come across is by British artist Stik’s which includes line men and also by French born artist Thierry Noir whose traditional work comprise of brightly coloured faces.

These two have joined hands and made people smile by painting the 128 square metre Village Underground Wall in Shoreditch, East London. The painting is an amalgamation of two creative minds and this joint venture brings colours to a dull wall that was very much needed. The style of each artist shines through his painting and despite working on the same wall, both artists managed to showcase their style and creativity that they are famous for.

Noir has been popular for his illegal paintings on Berlin Wall from 1984 – 1989. The purpose of his paintings on Berlin wall was to ridicule it and destroy it as much as he could within his capacity. Though people often wondered why he painted the Berlin Wall but his reply of trying to make it dirty satisfied them and he convinced everyone that his work for London is to please and beautify but his work on Berlin Wall was for the very opposite reason.

Noir on the other hand was less political in his approach towards art and its exhibition. He thinks of timeless pieces and wants his pieces to connect to everyone despite of what age they live in. Noir wants lines to give character to the wall and make it unique. Noir has been painting on London streets for almost 10 years now and he is still obsessed with it.

Both of the artists admire the street art in London and how it is progressing; the fame that East London is getting for street art is escalating too and in comparison to other areas, East End is being visited mostly for it. The art is growing and hopefully other creative artists would join hands too, in order to mask many other dull walls in London.

Street Graffiti Artist Gives Away Work to Appreciate Who Helped Him

StikOnce homeless but highly motivated artist, Stik, is set to give back love and appreciation to those who helped him in his difficult times.

The painter was surviving without even the basic necessities of life, majorly a roof to live under, when other street artists showed him the light of hope. Stik told the media that he didn’t even have the luxury to take bath every day because he was not only homeless but didn’t know anyone who would let him use their bathroom.

Stik has come a long way since then and is now earning around £6,000 per painting. No matter how simple or complex his work is, it always gets praise and big offers from art lovers. Stik’s work can be seen around the East End of London but he has become a sensation on the internet and to a greater extent people are dying to see and buy his art.

bbc_london_newsWhen talking to BBC London, Stik said that he wants to put the art in the hands of homeless people. He said that it is time for him to give something back to those who helped him out in his most crucial time. The project is about him giving his graffiti portraits to Big Issue magazine so the art can be distributed to the homeless. The project manager of the magazine loved the idea and called it a ‘terrifically generous act’.

Stik isn’t only famous amongst regular art lovers but famous celebrities have also started to appreciate and acquire the artist’s work. Stik’s giveaway portraits are already gaining so much love from everyone that the idea has already become a success. Copies of the art are to be distributed to include 30,000 blue prints, 30,000 red ones and 10,000 yellow portraits.

Stik is definitely someone who has become an inspiration to many artists in the London East End and a lot of tourists love seeing Stik’s work during their Street Art London Tours.

Street Art London Tours – London is Hub of Street Art

maidThe diversity in culture that we get to see in London may not be seen anywhere else in UK. People from different parts of the world move to this cosmopolitan city to realise their dreams and some shift to upgrade their lifestyle.

Together with culture, a variation in art is also seen that depicts the thinking pattern of each and every individual. The best thing about London is that it welcomes everyone and in no time makes them feel part of the London lifestyle.

A very common sight that people may get to see when they visit London is the Street Art. Now some people may call it graffiti, some may call it Street Art but no matter what you name it, there is one thing for sure, it represents the creativity of the residents of that area. Some time ago, back street art was seen as a waste of time and waste of talent, but now people have accepted it just like any other form of art and it is also greatly liked by visitors.

If you are wondering what the advantages of Street Art are then you should take Street Art London Tour in order to appreciate the ingenuity of the doer. Not many know that London walls are flooded with street art and some are so creative that it compels you to stop for a minute and take a closer look at it. Some lifelike art can confuse you whether it is real or not and this feeling of can be very unreal and entertaining.

BirdThrough street art communities you can find a platform that would give them a better sense of belonging. Sometimes street art also increases the value of the property because instead of having a barren and dull wall, a picture or a creative painting can revive its looks. Don’t just think that street art is only performed on walls; it can also be done on the pavement or anywhere that seems lackluster.

The fantastic vibes that people get from being surrounded by giant images bring colors to their life. It is also a good medium to reduce crimes and to increase communication within the society or community. Instead of having talented youth wandering around and getting involved into notorious activities, it is better to spot their talent and get them into something creative that can be praised as well as be an inspiration for some.