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Street Graffiti Artist Gives Away Work to Appreciate Who Helped Him

StikOnce homeless but highly motivated artist, Stik, is set to give back love and appreciation to those who helped him in his difficult times.

The painter was surviving without even the basic necessities of life, majorly a roof to live under, when other street artists showed him the light of hope. Stik told the media that he didn’t even have the luxury to take bath every day because he was not only homeless but didn’t know anyone who would let him use their bathroom.

Stik has come a long way since then and is now earning around £6,000 per painting. No matter how simple or complex his work is, it always gets praise and big offers from art lovers. Stik’s work can be seen around the East End of London but he has become a sensation on the internet and to a greater extent people are dying to see and buy his art.

bbc_london_newsWhen talking to BBC London, Stik said that he wants to put the art in the hands of homeless people. He said that it is time for him to give something back to those who helped him out in his most crucial time. The project is about him giving his graffiti portraits to Big Issue magazine so the art can be distributed to the homeless. The project manager of the magazine loved the idea and called it a ‘terrifically generous act’.

Stik isn’t only famous amongst regular art lovers but famous celebrities have also started to appreciate and acquire the artist’s work. Stik’s giveaway portraits are already gaining so much love from everyone that the idea has already become a success. Copies of the art are to be distributed to include 30,000 blue prints, 30,000 red ones and 10,000 yellow portraits.

Stik is definitely someone who has become an inspiration to many artists in the London East End and a lot of tourists love seeing Stik’s work during their Street Art London Tours.