Stik and Thierry Noir Together For First Time on London Wall

street art

London is flooded with street art and provides a great entertainment for not only residents but also for the visitors. To get to know the details and to view the creative work of the artists you must take the Street Art London Tours and be amazed by the ingenuity that the artists have to share. One of the common street arts you may come across is by British artist Stik’s which includes line men and also by French born artist Thierry Noir whose traditional work comprise of brightly coloured faces.

These two have joined hands and made people smile by painting the 128 square metre Village Underground Wall in Shoreditch, East London. The painting is an amalgamation of two creative minds and this joint venture brings colours to a dull wall that was very much needed. The style of each artist shines through his painting and despite working on the same wall, both artists managed to showcase their style and creativity that they are famous for.

Noir has been popular for his illegal paintings on Berlin Wall from 1984 – 1989. The purpose of his paintings on Berlin wall was to ridicule it and destroy it as much as he could within his capacity. Though people often wondered why he painted the Berlin Wall but his reply of trying to make it dirty satisfied them and he convinced everyone that his work for London is to please and beautify but his work on Berlin Wall was for the very opposite reason.

Noir on the other hand was less political in his approach towards art and its exhibition. He thinks of timeless pieces and wants his pieces to connect to everyone despite of what age they live in. Noir wants lines to give character to the wall and make it unique. Noir has been painting on London streets for almost 10 years now and he is still obsessed with it.

Both of the artists admire the street art in London and how it is progressing; the fame that East London is getting for street art is escalating too and in comparison to other areas, East End is being visited mostly for it. The art is growing and hopefully other creative artists would join hands too, in order to mask many other dull walls in London.


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