Stolen Banksy Work

Stolen Banksy ArtworkIt was shocking news to everyone that the Banksy work presented in the Miami auction was basically stolen from a London wall. Banksy and his street art are famous in not only in the UK but the entire world for being creative and thought provoking. It was hard for everyone to believe how a wall painting can be stolen and presented in an auction.

Banksy is famous as a street artist but holds a very mysterious personality. The artist doesn’t meet with a lot of people nor does he express what he feels about the world arts. Banksy’s graffiti art is appreciated throughout the UK and a lot of his work can be seen during the street art London tours. When his artwork disappeared from outside a discount store in London, not many people noticed it but it caught everyone’s attention when the art showed up in the auction.

The wall art in discussion is named ‘Slave Labour (Bunting Boy)’ and was created last year Banksy stolen artworkby Banksy. The town council in Haringey was the spot where the art was placed originally but removed by somebody unknown last week. The town council has demanded that they want the piece returned as soon as possible. The Haringey Council also told the press that the community feels that Banksy’s artwork was given free to it and was supposed to be kept in Haringey and not for sale in an auction.

The artwork can be sold out for anywhere between $500,000 and $700,000 but only if no one manages to prove that the work is stolen from the London wall. There hasn’t been any word come out from Banksy himself and everyone is anticipating to know what happens next.


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