Street Art Vs Vandalism

street art londonStreet art is one of the most inspiring and unique art forms of all time.

A lot of tourists and art fans from all over the world come to London to see the street art. The art lovers don’t care how far they have to travel or how much money they have to spend just to see the street art in front of them. They make their best efforts to visit London and take street art London tours. However, some nascent people mix street art with vandalism.

However, there is a huge difference between street art and vandalism which these people need to understand. Vandalism greatly differs from street art because this is art that enhances the public, whereas vandalism is defacing property.

street artVandalism, dirty little poems or traditional gang territory marking has nothing to do with the street art. Unlike vandalism, street art amuse, inspire and amaze people. Street art isn’t just done on any random wall in the city but the artists first ask for permission that they can paint a particular wall. After getting the permission these artists visit the site and start their work.

While the vandalism is dirty, ugly, annoying and abusive, London street art is beautiful and thought provoking. The street artists are definitely the ones deserving praise and recognition because what they are doing is anything but vandalism. There should probably be more awareness made among the masses in order to make them realise the difference between street art and vandalism.


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